My inspiration

13 Aug

I married my best friend S last Nov and we moved into a little HDB flat in Singapore. It’s been a really exciting journey; especially now that I finally have a kitchen I can call my own!

These are some websites I prowl on a weekly basis and are my sources of inspiration. It’s always bookmarking mania whenever I visit them! I just wish I have more time to try out all the recipes I have favourited – I realise this is a grouse many share! (my absolute favourite)

Okay, I know that isn’t much, but foodgawker is practically a hobbyist chef’s heaven, in my opinion.

Truth be told, my ultimate inspiration is my husband’s approval and delight as he tucks into each dish I prepare and whip up for him (((:

Now, what I’d like to know – what is your inspiration and where do you go for tried and trusted recipes? Do share; I’d love to hear from you!


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