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Why Floralfoodie?

10 Sep

I don’t think I have actually explained this before but I do wonder if you have wondered why “floralfoodie”? I know if you have seen this blog, you’d understand the “foodie” part – but why the “floral”?

Well, if you follow me on instagram @floralfoodie, you’ll know. I’m sort of obsessed with all things floral and pretty, especially for what I wear! But sometimes it is a little difficult to choose what sort of floral prints I can pull off because you know, sometimes they might not work out and make you look old. But I choose to think that most of the time, they pull together to create a sweet delicate look (:

Anyway, on a somewhat related note, I spent the better half of one of my afternoons during my long weekend working on a presentation that helps you discover your skin tone for a church project. I actually wasn’t expecting much but it turned out to be quite a hit with the boys and girls alike! I realise that it actually is pretty useful and can totally revolutionise your shopping experience – so I decided to share it here too! (:

Click on this link to get it! How to find the perfect colour for you

Okay, I have to clarify that I did not come up with the pictures/colour swatches but I have the links where you can find them in the last slide. Have fun discovering the perfect colour for your skin tone! Let me know if it came in useful for you, how you used it – you can even use the slides but please let me know what and where you are using it for by leaving a comment!

I am a Deep Winter, which is typical for Asians (well, the other half of Asians are probably Deep Autumns anyway). These are the colours that work the best for me!

But do note that the list of colours are not exhaustive and you should go out and experiment with different shades because every one’s skin tone is unique – the slides just show the BEST possible colours for you (:

One last thing (but of course, not the least) I have a blogshop! I started it out together with my good friend Valerie about one and a half years back and we aim to sell unique vintage-inspired pieces at an affordable price. Do check us out at Lavender Lane – we specialise in florals and prints and we believe that they are extremely versatile, if you’d just give it a chance!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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